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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not build my own website?

That is a common question—so there are lots of articles on the internet cover this topic in detail.

The consensus is, for those wanting to create personal, hobbyist,  or brochure-style  websites, Web Builders services can work, with a few possible limitations.  However, if their website requirements are more complex, they will probably want to consider hiring a Web Design firm instead.

Some examples of Web Builders are available at Wix.com, WordPress.com (a for-profit service built around WordPress), Squarespace.com, and Godaddy.com.

Why Does ITX-Pert Use WordPress?

WordPress is a robust, open-source content management system (CMS) that provides both structure and flexibility to developers for the creation and management of their websites.

WordPress has website configuration, permissions, security, media handling, database capabilities, and standards enforcement. It does an especially good job standardizing the implementation of themes and plugins. This allows significant plug and play ability with thousands of ‘themes’ (controlling of look and feel) and ‘plugins’ (providing functions) exist for WordPress – both free and premium.

This solid foundation, combined with its extensibility, makes WordPress a great environment to develop a website.aAs a result, WordPress has a significant market share in the CMS space.

What Does ITX-Pert Charge to Build A Website?

The cost (and time) to build a website vary greatly based on the size and the scope of a website.

An informational website with with simple features might cost under $850 and be available within less than a month.  A complex online store which has multiple customizable products and with a highly customized look and feel might cost more than $10,000 and take several months to create.

Send us some basic information via the form above, we will provide you a FREE high-level estimate to help you in your website decision process.

a) Our FREE Estimate is NOT a formal Quote which requires additional due diligence.

Does ITX-Pert Provide Hosting & Maintenance?

ITX-Pert does provide optional hosting and maintenance exclusively for WordPress websites that we develop. The size, scope, and complexity of a website drive the hosting and maintenance costs. Our basic plans start at just $50 per month, which includes the following:

  • Availability And Performance Monitoring
  • Routine WordPress, Theme and Plug-in Updates
  • Security Monitoring and Scanning
  • Basic SEO and Google Analytics Reporting
  • System Backups
  • Monthly Website Health Reporting
  • SSL protection


a) Customers who utilize ITX-Pert Maintenance and Hosting services for a period at least 12 months and then subsequently decide to either self-host or move to another provider,  ITX-Pert will provide up to 5 hours of webAssist services towards your migration free of charge.

b) Under our basic plan owners are responsible for doing content updates themse; however, ITX-Pert can help with this activity for an additional fee via our webAssist services.

Do I Have To Use ITX-Pert Maintenance?

No. ITX-Pert Maintenance and Hosting is an optional service.

You can maintain and self-host your new WordPress website yourself. Or you could have another third party provide these services. If you choose one of these options, we will work with you or your support providers via a custom Support Migration plan to move your website to your chosen WordPress environment from our secure development environment.

The fees for a Support Migration Project will depend on your website’s size and complexity and would be billed at our webAssist rates.  Only software and assets belonging to Website owner will be transferred.

Support Migration is not part of our formal quote, which assumes that ITX-Pert will provide maintenance and hosting within our secure production environment and will be included in quote we provide.

What Happens Next After A Free Estimate?

If you decide to you may want engage ITX-Pert after reviewing our FREE estimate, then let us know and we can set up a more detailed information-gathering session with you.

We will work with you to get sufficient information to prepare and send you a formal no-obligation quote, including a high-level time line and our standard consulting agreement, for review and approval. This will typically be sent within one week after our data gathering has been completed.  Our quote is valid for 30 days from issue.

Once you approve the work begins.